LUCA School of Arts

As institute for higher education in the arts in Belgium LUCA School of Arts has campuses in Brussels, Leuven, Genk and Ghent. Campus Sint-Lucas Visual Arts Ghent, originally founded in 1863, became part of LUCA in 2012 and offers today nine disciplines: ceramics and glass art, graphic design, illustration, mixed media, painting, photography, printmaking and drawing, sculpture and textile design. Within this offer students can opt for monodisciplinary, crossdisciplinary or multidisciplinary pathways. Each study programme is firmly rooted in contemporary artistic developments, mainly through the personality of the teachers who are active as artists or designers. The infrastructure at Sint-Lucas stimulates both the classical working methods and the application of up-to-date digital techniques. Artistic practice is essential to each study programme, but at the same time a sound theoretical basis is offered to help students in their development as contemporary artists or designers.