Feel free to register for REFLECT’s online learning community if…
  • … you are curious to look around in the inspiration box of practices and methods, gathered throughout REFLECT.
  • … you want to deepen your understanding of the concept of inner readiness.
  • … if you like to join a research event on the principle of ‘deepening your questioning progressively’ (as described in the sixth letter of the REFLECT-correspondent).
  • … if you’d love to read some of the poems on facilitating reflection, based on the experiences in REFLECT’s testing phase. And maybe you would like to give poetic inquiry a try yourself?
  • … if you want to discuss how to assess reflection in formal education.
  • … if you are just curious to read about the reactions of others about our findings in the REFLECT project.
  • And more.
REFLECT’s online learning community is open to all persons who have a genuine interest in the topic of reflection and inner readiness.

Online learning event: exploratory and process-oriented questioning

In the sixth letter of the REFLECT-correspondent we wrote how “questioning is an important tool for educators to direct the reflective attention of learners. General phrased, it should help educator and learners to inquire more in depth that-which-is-at-stake.  (…) [However,] deepening your questioning is not that much about asking continually more and more complicated and […]

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Online learning event: poetic exploration of ways to facilitate reflection

In learning from the participants of the PROJECT REFLECT of how we become better facilitators of the reflective processes, we used poetic inquiry to explore and bring together various experiences of participants in different contexts. By using poetic inquiry we take words and phrases used by participants to describe their experiences of facilitating reflection and […]

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Online learning event: encouraging online reflection (from 13th March onwards)

This online learning event is directed to teachers or professors who have the need or the chance to work with their students online (through a Content Management System). It will start from the testing phase carried out during the REFLECT Project with our master students attending a blended course. The aim of the testing phase […]

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Online learning event: careful assessment of reflection

During the REFLECT project assessment of the quality of reflection was a very sensitive topic. Colleagues from non-formal education field informed us that they don’t need to do assessment of reflection and colleagues from formal education field need to do so. These two opposite positions made us think of assessment of reflection more carefully. So […]

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Online learning event: exploring (your) silence

There are many entrances into the realm of reflection and one of the most important doors to reflection is silence. In the project´s inspiration box there is a short written exploration of silence that can be useful to read as a departure point for your own exploration of this topic. This on-line activity aims to […]

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Online learning event: exploring your Inner Readiness

We found out that the term “Inner readiness” is quite new and provokes different reactions: curiosity, irritation, confusion, feeling of discovery. The content of Inner readiness becomes more clear when we reflect on it our-selves. This on-line activity aims to encourage you to reflect on your inner readiness and to share it with the rest […]

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