Online learning event: poetic exploration of ways to facilitate reflection

In learning from the participants of the PROJECT REFLECT of how we become better facilitators of the reflective processes, we used poetic inquiry to explore and bring together various experiences of participants in different contexts.

By using poetic inquiry we take words and phrases used by participants to describe their experiences of facilitating reflection and use it to make our own meaning of what it takes to become a better facilitator of the reflective process.

In this event we invite you into the process of inquiry by reading through some of the poems we ‘created’ based on the experience of the educators who participated in the testing projects. And while doing so, we ask you to jot down words and phrases from the poems that stand out for you in relation to your understanding of what it takes to become a better  facilitator of the reflect process.

This event will be organised on padlet: click here



Karen Rut Gísladóttir (University of Iceland)