Online learning event: exploring (your) silence

There are many entrances into the realm of reflection and one of the most important doors to reflection is silence. In the project´s inspiration box there is a short written exploration of silence that can be useful to read as a departure point for your own exploration of this topic. This on-line activity aims to encourage you to reflect on silence, the using of silence as a learning activity and your attitude towards silence. And then to share your impression with the rest of learning community.

Find a way to explore different silences of your own. It is interesting to arrange for or to remember various kinds of silences, so as to experience it´s many dimensions. At the same time it is important to be attentive to what the silence does to you – as the silence will take you to different places and different feelings inside yourself.

Possible questions around can be:

  • What is “Silence” for you?
  • Reflect on your experiences of silence.
  • Everyone has an opinion of silence – what is yours?
  • Silence as a learning concept – what do you think?

Please share your answers and reflections via the ‘comment’ space.



Björn Vilhjálmsson (Áskorun, Iceland)



16th February: opening of the learning event; self-reflections questions are announced

16th February – 15th March: you can ponder, and then write and send your reflections to the website.

15th – 30th March: we will mine the content of the website and extract some main elements from your reflections

1st of April: we announce what we found out from your reflections

5th April: the closing of this learning event.