Online learning event: exploring your Inner Readiness

We found out that the term “Inner readiness” is quite new and provokes different reactions: curiosity, irritation, confusion, feeling of discovery. The content of Inner readiness becomes more clear when we reflect on it our-selves. This on-line activity aims to encourage you to reflect on your inner readiness and to share it with the rest of learning community.

The ‘learning event’ consists of inviting you to look at the three main determinants of Inner Readiness and think about the last time when you felt Inner Ready! The questions are:

– Please remember a situation when you felt able to overcome the obstacles on your way or felt ready to act and to do exactly what you wanted to do. Describe it.

– What helped you?

– What was favourable in the context?

– Which habits did you use to help you? which habits did you manage to ignore?

Please use the ‘comment’ to share your answers



Arturas Deltuva (Kitokie projektai, Lithuania)



16th February: opening of the learning event; self-reflections questions are announced

16th February – 18th of March: you write and send your reflections via the ‘comment’

18th – 28th March: we extract main content elements from your reflections

28th March: we announce what we found out from your reflections

31st March: closing of the learning event



 To participate in this learning event, we ask you to be willing to reflect about your Inner readiness and to share it.