A workshop for educators in formal and non-formal education on facilitating reflection

This is a short description of a workshop, designed by the team of trainers who have been participating in the Erasmus+ project Reflect. The workshop is offered by all eight partner organisations: University of Iceland and Askorun (Iceland), University of Padua and Kamaleonte (Italy), University of Vilnius and Kitokie projektai (Lithuania), Outward Bound Belgium and LUCA School of Arts (Belgium). You’ll find the contact details below.

Aim of the workshop

Support educators in creating reflective atmosphere in learning groups

· by understanding 10 principles of reflective atmosphere formulated by the Reflect team

· by understanding the concept of Inner readiness: as empowering for acting through looking inside with help of reflective atmosphere

· by empowering learners to transfer results of the workshop in their daily practice

Main principles on how the workshop is facilitated

With awareness of and based on needs of participants.

Learners will be involved in formulating expected outcomes and the final format of the workshop. It is an important principle that helps to demonstrate the 10 principles of reflective atmosphere and empowering learners for their inner readiness to act.

In appreciative way.

It means the workshop will be based on methodology of Appreciative Inquiry and principles of positive psychology.

Settings of the workshop

We target groups of 16-20 participants. Length of the workshop is between 2 to 4 days.

Program elements

·        introduction to the workshop

·        getting to know each other, co-creating the group norms

·        Finding energy to learn about reflective practice: remembering personal stories about the best moments (meaningful, successful…) of reflection

·        Understanding mechanisms or DNA of successful reflection

·        Connecting the mechanisms discovered from analysing the poetic stories with 10 principles of creating reflective atmosphere

·        Transferring: why, what and how I want to implement learnings of the workshop within my work as educator. Possibility for participants to help each other.

Possible methods

Methods can change according to the needs of the participants and/or expertise of the trainer(s).

Possible methods are the following: experiencing the here-and-now creation of a reflective atmosphere in the learning group, poetic inquiry of the principles, journaling after and during activities,  role playing; short meditations or talking about a movie or a picture

Interested? Feel free to contact one of REFLECT’s partner organisations


  • Kamaleonte                                    Angelica Paci                                info@kamaleonte.it
                                                              Mario D’Agostino                        info@kamaleonte.it
  • University of Padua                      Monica Fedeli                               monica.fedeli@unipd.it

                                                              Daniela Frison                             daniela.frison@unipd.it
  • Askorun                                           Björn Vilhjálmsson                      bjornvil@gmail.com
  • University of Iceland                    Hervör Alma Árnadóttir               hervora@hi.is
                                                              Jakob Frímann Þorsteinsson     jakobf@hi.is
                                                              Karen Rut Gísladóttir                  karenrut@hi.is
  • Kitokie projektai                            Arturas Deltuva                          arturas@kitokieprojektai.net
                                                              Ginte Jasiene                                  ginte@kitokieprojektai.ne
  • University of Vilnius                    Jolita Buzaitytė-Kašalyniene           jolita.kasalyniene@fsf.vu.lt
                                                             Aurelija Jakube                               aurelija.jakube@cr.vu.lt


  • Outward Bound Belgium             Jan Leysen                                 jan.leysen@outwardbound.be                                                                          Dirk Devilder                                  dirk.devilder@outwardbound.be
  • LUCA School of Arts                     Bert Vandenbussche                      bert.vandenbussche@luca-arts.be                                                           Nancy Vansieleghem                     nancy.vansieleghem@luca-arts.be


  • Mark Taylor                                                                                                brazav@yahoo.com


You’ll find more information on the partner organisations and the staff members in contributors