Evaluating REFLECT’s testing phase

During the second phase of our project we have run more than 40 test cases for several target groups in both formal and formal education. Staff members Hervör Alma Árnadottir, Karen Rut Gísladóttir and Jakob Frímann Porsteinsson from University of Iceland looked carefully in the reports of those test cases, processed the data in a reflective and creative way using poetic inquiry and came to interesting insights which helped the staff to answer the main question: “how do we become better facilitators of the reflective process?”

The report aims not at a traditional evaluation (i.e. trying to assess objectively whether the testing projects were good or bad), but rather it tries to capture the learning process of the different educators from the partner organizations and how they experimented with some of the principles and guidelines (as written down in the letters from our REFLECT correspondent).


The report is structured in the following way: the authors first introduce the principles and guidelines; then they elaborate on the aim of the report and the research question; they describe the methodology of poetic inquiry, the participant’s background and how they analyzed the data (coming from the reports written by the educators themselves). They represent their findings in a poetic form and summarize the  main outcome.


Report: Evaluating REFLECT’s testing phase