Feedback session

Organization presenting this method: Outward Bound



The goal of this reflection is multilayered.

– To encourage people to reflect on their own inter-action

– To give and to get feedback

– To choose consciously which one’s perception you are curious about and to put into words why


This method can be used in the process of experiential learning in groups. One of the prerequisites of this method is that the group members have enough joint experiences.

Instructions: reflect on how you think others perceived you during the last activities/reflections/informal moments/days. Write it down for yourself, in a way that it works for you. Invite two people of the group.  Share how they perceived you and try to  express why you choose them. What makes you interested, curious, willing to know…


– Group members are asked to invite two people to provide them feedback.

– Each group member has a small ‘solo’ moment of 20 minutes.

– During this period he/she first takes the time needed to reflect on how others perceived him/her, to continue with the possible feedback-wish from other group members.

– Everybody comes together

– Someone starts telling how he/she thought others perceived him/her, the rest of the group listens without valuing or judging

– Expresses why he/she chose certain people for feedback and then asks for it

– First listens, … if necessary asks for further clarification.

– Someone else starts with his ‘story’ (may be interesting not to follow the line in which people stand in, helps people to listen to each other  and not be concerned  on ‘oh no, I am next and the possible loss of focus.