We have developed a series of ten letters and one post scriptum, describing REFLECT’s perspective on facilitating reflection processes in both formal and non-formal education.  Reading them one a day, you will slowly get to know our framework of principles and guidelines.
They are written in an essayist way, creating hopefully a kind of a reflective space in which you can start questioning your own practice as educator.


brief32 Letter 1 Welcome

brief32 Letter 2 On creating the reflective atmosphere

brief32 Letter 3 On the importance of ‘owning up’ and the steering paradox of intrinsic learning processes

brief32 Letter 4 On the relationship between educator and learners

brief32 Letter 5 On directing the reflective attention and valuing ‘attendre’ & not-knowing

brief32 Letter 6 On progressively deepening your questioning

brief32 Letter 7 On triggering reflective processes

brief32 Letter 8 On assessing reflection

brief32 Letter 9 On creativity and playfulness

brief32 Letter 10 Holding the space: on the chameleon-effect and the reflexive presence of the educator

brief32 Letter Post Scriptum On inner readiness