A workshop for educators in formal and non-formal education on facilitating reflection

This is a short description of a workshop, designed by the team of trainers who have been participating in the Erasmus+ project Reflect. The workshop is offered by all eight partner organisations: University of Iceland and Askorun (Iceland), University of Padua and Kamaleonte (Italy), University of Vilnius and Kitokie projektai (Lithuania), Outward Bound Belgium and […]

Presentations during the Vilnius conference “The reflective way: from ‘I know’ to ‘I’m able to do'”

You’ll find here the film recordings and slide presentations of some of the lectures given during the conference (some in Lithuanian, some in English). Milda Autukaite (Svedbank), Nuo suvokimo link galejimo: be refleksijos siuolaikiniame versle ne is vietos Arturas Deltuva (Kitokie Projektai), Vidine parengtis: kaip gimsta galejimo momentas Karen Rut Gisladottir (University of Iceland), Facilitating […]

Holding the space!

The ‘little blue book’ is REFLECT’s final publication on facilitating reflection for inner readiness and learning. There are a limited amount of printed books which will be distributed via REFLECT’s partner organizations and on the multiplier events in Lithuania and Belgium. For those who do not get a real book, there is still the e-book […]

Folder of letters on facilitating reflection and inner readiness

We have developed a series of ten letters, describing REFLECT’s perspective on facilitating reflection processes in both formal and non-formal education.  Reading them one a day, you will slowly get to know our framework of principles and guidelines. In an extra post-scriptum we are explaining the link with the concept of inner readiness. All letters […]

Developing a concept of inner readiness

This is the full text on the concept of inner readiness. We only published the first two parts of these texts in the publication ‘Holding the Space!’.

Review of reflective practices and literature

The review of reflective practices and literature carried out by REFLECT. Combined with analysis of problem & needs.

Careful assessment

We would like to introduce you to the rather delicate and ambiguous topic of assessing reflection: on the one hand assessments are a valid tool for tracking the learning process of learners, but on the other hand we’ve experienced in our partner organizations how assessments can have an often underestimated negative impact on the quality […]

Possibilities for reflecting on- and off-line

This is the full text on blende learning. A shorter version is published in Holding the Space. Since the turn of the century, e-learning is without any doubt transforming the landscape of formal and non-formal education. Digital technology is proving to be an efficient means to support learning processes in several ways, including by sharing […]

Evaluating REFLECT’s testing phase

During the second phase of our project we have run more than 40 test cases for several target groups in both formal and formal education. Staff members Hervör Alma Árnadottir, Karen Rut Gísladóttir and Jakob Frímann Porsteinsson from University of Iceland looked carefully in the reports of those test cases, processed the data in a […]

Inspiration box of reflection practices

During project REFLECT we have been gathering stories of educators in both formal and non-formal education on how they facilitate reflection and/or experimented with some of REFLECT’s principles. In this box you’ll find some of these stories. We’ve also added the descriptions of a few reflection methods, used by some of the partner organisations. Curious to […]